uPVC window prices and costs

uPVC window prices

If you live in an older property it is likely it will still have old window frames that require a lot of maintenance. Would you like to change this by choosing frames that not only look great, but which are also easy to maintain? If so, is it worth choosing plastic frames. Before going on to buying such frames, however, you will first want to get a clear picture of the costs associated. We have detailed all the relevant factors below.

uPVC window prices and costs

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What determines the price of a uPVC window?

The cost of uPVC frames will depend on the number of new frames you want to install – the overall cost depends heavily on the size of the project in question. Below we have detailed a number of different projects, including the cost in a table, so you get a good idea of the cost involved if you chose to replace old windows with new plastic-framed windows.

For an average-costing project, the cost of repairing an old window frame lies between €130.00 and €170.00 per hour. To replace an old window with a plastic frame non-opening window, the cost ranges between €650.00 and €1250.00. To replace an old window with a new uPVC opening window, the cost lies between €850.00 and €1,450.00, while installing French doors will cost between approximately €2,050,00 and €3,550.

What costs do you need to consider?

Well you need to work out if you just need to do repairs or replace everything. Maybe you just need to replace an existing front door and leave the original windows in place as they are in sufficiently good condition.

If you decide to replace existing frames, then you need to decide if you want to use wood or uPVC. Because uPVC is low on maintenance, it is a popular choice and you can replace a single window for between €650.00 and €1,250.00 for a non-opening window, and a few hundred extra euros if you require a window that opens.

Perhaps you have a front door that blocks out all the light in your hallway? Maybe you’d prefer to change it to a French door that will flood your hallway with light? There is a very wide range of uPVC entrance doors available that could provide the perfect solution.


The cost of an installed uPVC window can be broken down into four sections. 45% goes on the cost of materials, 45% on the cost of labour, 5% on the cost of assembly and 5% on removal of an existing window

Type of double glazing

The cost of installing new double glazing in your home will depend on the type of units you have installed. Whereas before you only had the choice of single glazed windows, today the options are far greater. As examples, standard double glazing costs around €70.00 – €85.00 per square meter. If you use HR glass, then the price will increase to between €80.00 and €95.00 per square meter. Hr++ glass will cost around €90.00 and €105.00 and H+++ glass will coast between €105.00 and €135.00. On top of these costs you then have options such as the inclusion of air vents. Because double glazing is so effective at ‘sealing’ your home which helps reduce energy bills, sometimes you can lack air circulation so the inclusion of air vents in windows can overcome this problem.

Compare and save money

Because there are so many options available and so many different prices offered, what you really need to make life easier is the ability to make direct comparisons on prices by obtaining more than one quote. With our easy-to-complete application form, in no time at all you can obtain six individual quotes from double glazing specialists who are located in your area. You are under no obligation, all quotes are sent free of charge via email, and you might just be pleasantly surprised as usually these quotes can save you up to 30% on standard costs.