Cost of window placement

Cost of window placement

Prices for new windows vary by provider and depend on your wishes. Here you will find useful price information based on the material, window type, glass type and additional options.


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Cost of windows

To get a good overview of the prices of windows, it’s good to know which types of windows are available. You can create your own windows based on:

  • Material choice
  • Window type
  • Glass type
  • Additional options

Material choice

When placing windows, you can choose from a number of different materials, each with their own options.

Fixed window Window area Price including delivery, placement, VAT and insulation
PVC 1 m² 175-350 GBP
Wood 1 m² 260-440 GBP
Aluminium 1 m² 420-700 GBP

These are average prices to give you an idea of the cost of your material choice.

Type of window

You want the best combination of material and window type for your new windows. The most popular window types are:

  • Fixed window
  • Tilt and turn window
  • Hopper window
  • Sliding window

The prices of windows vary by type; here’s some average prices.

Window Window area Price including VAT and insulation but excluding placement
Fixed window
PVC 1 m² 87-175 GBP
Wood 1 m² 130-220 GBP
Aluminium 1 m² 220-300 GBP
Tilt and turn window
PVC 1 m² 130-220 GBP
Wood 1 m² 220-300 GBP
Aluminium 1 m² 350-440 GBP
Hopper window
PVC 1 m² 153-240 GBP
Wood 1 m² 220-300 GBP
Aluminium 1 m² 370-450 GBP
Sliding window
PVC 1 m² 610-700 GBP
Wood 1 m² 700-780 GBP
Aluminium 1 m² 950-1200 GBP

Fixed window

A fixed window is the most standard window type and is also the window type with the lowest prices. Are you looking for a solid window that does not have to be opened? Then a fixed window is the right choice for you. Fixed windows can often be found in the living room. Prices are lower than other window types because there are no hanging or closing issues, and these windows are easy to assemble.

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and turn windows are multifunctional windows that open in different ways. Do you want to open the window completely? You can easily do this. Do you want fresh air but no draughts? Then you can simply tilt the windows. For example, you open your window just a little bit, and your home gets some fresh air. Prices for these windows are slightly higher than those for standard fixed windows.

Hopper window

The prices for hopper windows are comparable to the prices for tilt and turn windows. Hopper windows are mainly mounted in bathrooms and toilets. These windows are very suitable for ventilation.

Sliding window

Sliding windows are more expensive than other window types. This is mainly due to the construction. These windows have a lot of hanging and closing issues and are a bit difficult to assemble. A big advantage of sliding windows is that you do not have any obstacles like items on the window sill or curtains when opening your window. When the dimensions are large enough, sliding windows can also be mounted as a door.

Glass type

When assembling your windows, you have the choice of different glass types. Single glazing will cost less than double glazing. However, you will not regret the choice of double glazing. Double glass ensures optimum insulation, which significantly reduces your energy bill. This can save up to 20%. In the overview below you will see the prices per glass type and what you save on your energy bill each year.

Type of glass Area Price incl. VAT but excl. Placement Average savings for a home with

20 m² glass

Standard double glazing 1 m² 44-47 GBP 130-150 GBP
HR 1 m² 47-52 GBP 175-190 GBP
HR+ 1 m² 52-57 GBP 220-240 GBP
HR++ 1 m² 57-65 GBP 240-260 GBP
HR+++ 1 m² 87-115 GBP 270-290 GBP

Windows and doors

If you plan to replace your windows, consider replacing your doors too. Outdated doors allow a lot of wind to pass through, and this leads to poor insulation of your home. Replacing windows and doors at the same time ensures a complete finish. In addition, new doors are very safe against burglaries.

Maintenance costs

Nowadays, windows are produced in such a way that they are very maintenance-friendly. Maintenance costs are limited and therefore do not affect prices. In general, the windows can be cleaned with a damp cloth and once a year you need to lubricate the moving parts. Keep in mind that wood needs the most maintenance, since it regularly needs a coat of paint or varnish. The following table shows the average maintenance costs over a period of 30 years.

Type of window Maintenance costs per m² (over 30 years)
PVC window 95 GBP
Wooden window 480 GBP
Aluminium window 78 GBP

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In order to ensure that the prices of your new windows do not get too high, it’s a good idea to compare prices. Compare before you buy and save up to 40% on your purchase.