Costs of aluminium windows

Costs of aluminium windows

Are you thinking about buying aluminium windows, but do you have no idea of what costs you should take into account? No problem! We are here to help you and will be pleased to offer you all the possibilities and prices!

Costs of aluminium windows

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Which factors impact the price of aluminium windows?

It is possible to ensure that the price tag of your aluminium windows remains as low as possible, taking into account the following factor:

Factor 1: The type of window

You can choose between a number of different aluminium windows. We have listed a few different options:

Fixed window: As the name already suggests, the window is fixed in its place. This means you do not have the option to open the window. A fixed window is by far the cheapest option on the market. You can already get such a window at a price of 390 GBP.

Tilt and turn window: Do you want to be able open the window? In that case, choosing a tilt and turn window is quite interesting. With this type of window, you can choose to place the window in the tilted position, but you can open it. The more complex construction makes it more expensive. You can already purchase this type of window for a price from 570 GBP.

A door: One of the most important features of an aluminium window is that it is particularly strong. This ensures that it has no difficulty in holding heavy doors. If you also want to buy an aluminium door window, this can be purchased from a price of 1300 GBP.

Factor 2: The type of glass

Would you like to purchase a new aluminium window? In that case, you may also want to order the glass. In this regard, too, there are various possibilities available on the market today. The better the insulating factor of the glass, the more expensive, but also the more you will save on your energy bill. We have listed the average prices of the different types of glazing for you.

Type of glass Insulation Average price
Standard double glass Average 52-65 GBP
HR glass Satisfactory 65-83 GBP
HR++ glass Good 78-87 GBP
HR+++ glass Excellent 87-110 GBP

* The prices indicated above are the prices per square meter.

Factor 3: Ventilation vent or not?

When placing new aluminium windows, you can also add ventilation vents. These ventilation vents ensure a constant supply of fresh air in the house, which also prevents condensation. In addition, a house with a low humidity warms up much faster than a humid one. Also, the chance of developing mould can be reduced in this way. Would you like to choose a small ventilation vent? Then you have to take into account an additional cost of about 18 GBP. Large vents can be purchased from 44 GBP.

Interesting savings tips

We’ve told you several times that the price tag associated with aluminium windows is strongly dependent on several factors. In addition to the choices you should keep in mind, there are also some additional things you can do to reduce the price tag of your new windows.

  • Limiting the working hours. The working hours of the specialist will determine the price that will be charged. By helping the professional, you can ensure that the amount of hours required is kept to the minimum and thus save money.
  • Remove the old window yourself. Are you a little handy? In that case, you can choose to remove the old window yourself. This is not so difficult, but you should first have the glass removed by someone with the necessary experience. Removing glass is particularly dangerous and can cause significant physical injuries. By demolishing the window yourself, you can save up to 5 percent.
  • Choose strong, insulating glass. Even though glass with a good insulating factor always costs more, it is possible to save additional money on your energy bill. Energy costs a lot of money today and therefore heat loss is a big issue. For this reason, always choose high-performance glass. HR++ or HR+++ are recommended.

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