Cost of wooden windows

Cost of wooden windows

Would you like to buy new wooden windows because they provide better insulation compared to your existing windows? Or are you just replacing yours? Whatever the reason you would like to purchase new wooden windows, it is obvious that you would like to have a good idea of the average costs you should keep in mind. We can help with that.

Cost of wooden windows

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What do wooden windows cost? 

The price charged for the purchase (and placement) of wooden windows depends strongly on what exactly needs to be done. Do you need restoration of an existing wooden window or should a new one be placed? By means of the table below, we give you a good idea of the various possibilities, including the costs associated. Prices shown in the table include both the placement and the VAT.

Project Average price Information
Repairing a window 230-410 GBP Only some parts will be replaced.
Replacing a window 1600-3000 GBP The entire window, including glass, will be replaced.
A new window needs to be placed, and the old one moved. 2800-4200 GBP A new wooden window can have different dimensions.

 The price of wooden windows

The total price of wooden windows is made up of different parts. This involves the cost of labour, the material used, the assembly and, of course, the demolition costs. The material constitutes the main cost at 50 percent. After that, there’s the labour at 40 percent and the assembly and demolition costs, each accounting for 5 percent of the total price tag.

Which factors impact the price? 

Factor 1: The type of wood

When selecting the wood type, you should take into account two specific factors. Initially there is sustainability, but the so-called application class is also important. The durability of wood is usually expressed on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 stands for non-durable and 5 for very durable. Regarding the application class, attention is paid to issues such as the heat and weather exposure. Amongst the different types of wood there is a considerable price difference. It is therefore very important to compare the various possibilities.

Factor 2: The choice of glass

If you wish to purchase a new wooden window, you will also want to pay close attention to the glass that is being used. We have listed some options:

Type of glass Insulation Average price
Double glass Average 52-65 GBP
HR glass Satisfactory 65-83 GBP
HR++ glass Good 78-87 GBP
HR+++ glass Excellent 87-110GBP

Factor 3: Extra options

In addition to the choices you need to make, there are also some additional options, namely the following:

Option Average cost Advantages
Ventilation vents 15-44 GBP (small or large vent) Constant flow of fresh air, which prevents mould.
Safety glass 95-140 GBP Safety glass helps prevent burglaries.

Interesting savings tips

  • Reuse your old window. Is your current window really good, but would you prefer a bigger or even smaller wooden window in a particular room in your house? In that case, it is recommended to use your other window somewhere else or at least not to discard it. After all, it’s possible that another window needs a replacement.
  • Perform the demolition work yourself. Should the existing window be demolished? Do this yourself! This way, you make sure that the professional does not have to do this work anymore. This allows you to save some money. Please be sure to let an expert remove the existing glass first. The removal of the glass window from a wooden window is very dangerous and can cause considerable physical injury.
  • The interesting benefits of HR ++ glass. Although HR ++ glass costs a lot more than just double glass, it is worth the money. The use of HR ++ glass makes sure that the heat loss in your home can be significantly reduced. As a result, the energy bill at the end of the year will undoubtedly be a lot lower, making this a very sustainable investment.

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