Cost of window screens

Cost of window screens

Are you looking for a way to save on your heating costs, but do you not want to invest in double glass or high-efficiency glass? In that case, you can always choose to use a window screen. If you are interested in this option and want to have a good idea of the average cost of such an investment? In that case you are already on the right page.


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What is the price of window screens? 

When you are looking for a qualitative alternative for double glass or high-performance glass, placing a window screen is always an interesting choice. However, the question is what costs you have to take into account in this regard. Well, several factors directly influence the amount you will have to pay. This is mainly about the size, but also of the type of glass used.

Project Average price Advantage
Kitchen window (40x40cm) 65-83 GBP You will save 10-13 GBP a year.
Living room window (250x200cm) 380-450 GBP You will save up to 35-57 GBP a year.
Safety glass (40×40 cm) 78-122 GBP Adds safety and will save up to 10-13 GBP a year.

*All prices in the above table include placement costs.

Which factors impact the price of a window screen? 

Factor 1: The type of glass

You can choose to use plain glass or safety glass when placing a window screen. If you have chosen to use special safety glass, you can take into account an additional cost of between 39 and 65 GBP per square meter. Safety glass nowadays exists in various forms. For example, you can choose to use layered or hardened glass, but wire glass is also one of the options. Layered glass does not break apart, while hardened glass is not sharp. Finally, wire glass ensures that the glass shards are held together by an iron wire.

Factor 2: Ventilation vents or not? 

It is always advisable to provide ventilation vents when installing windows. These vents make sure that the air stays dry and that has several interesting benefits. Dry air is much easier to heat up, and in addition, it also prevents mould. Good ventilation in the home is therefore of crucial importance. You can choose to purchase a small vent from a price of about 10 GBP while a larger vent costs about 48 GBP.

Factor 3: Using real double glazing

Do you still have a preference for real double glazing instead of a window screen? This is also possible, of course. The most sustainable choice in this area is HR ++ glass. Especially in the case of an older home, you should bear in mind that there may be a possibility that a new window may need to be placed. In this situation you will soon have to take into account a price of between 650 and 740 GBP. At first sight, an investment in double glass seems to be very expensive, but it can save you about 220 GBP a year.

Interesting savings tips

Use HR +++ glass

As mentioned earlier on this page, you have the option to choose from different types of glazing. HR +++ glass is by far the most interesting at the time of writing. This type of glass has the highest insulation value and therefore ensures heat loss can be prevented. Although the purchase price of HR +++ glass is slightly higher compared to the various alternatives on the market, you can count on significantly higher savings.

Objectively compare quotes. 

If you wish to invest in a window screen, it is always interesting to request multiple offers. By requesting different quotes, you will ensure that you can immediately identify which firm can supply the most high quality windows at the best price. By doing a comparison you can quickly save up to 30 percent!

Requesting offers

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