Costs of painting stairs

Costs of painting stairs

Do you have one or more staircases in your home and could they use a new coat of paint? Would you like to paint your stairs, but do you have no idea of what costs you should take into account? We can give you a clear picture here!


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What does it cost to paint stairs?

Various factors have a direct impact on the price tag that you should keep in take into account for painting your staircase. The table below gives you a good idea of the average price you will be charged

Hourly rate painter incl. paint, materials and VAT Average cost of the painting of a staircase (from 1 white coat to sanding, cleaning and painting)
26-39 GBP 300-650 GBP


Which factors impact the cost of having your stairs painted?

Factor 1: Painter

Do you want to have your stairs in the house painted? In that case, the painter in question will always charge an hourly rate. There is no use of a fixed price for the entire project because it involves detailed painting. Not only the flat parts, but also the edges of the stairs must be painted accurately. The hourly rate charged for this is somewhere between 26 and 39 GBP per hour depending on the painter. This price includes the used paint, the material as well as the VAT. An advantage of a professional painter is that he is working as efficiently as possible, making it possible for you to use the top floor of your home again in record time.

Factor 2: Type of paint

Secondly, the paint used may also have a significant effect on the price tag of the painting work. If you have special specifications about the paint you want used, you can choose to bring it yourself. Do you just use standard paint? In that case, it is usually more interesting to let the painter provide this. In this way, you’ll save some extra money.

Type of paint Paint per litre (incl. VAT) m² per litre Specifications
Primer 22-39 GBP 7-13 Base layer
Stain and varnish 22-52 GBP 9-15 Protective layer
Covering paint 22-48 GBP 7-15 Paint for staircases

Factor 3: Additional options

Do you not just want to have your stairs painted, but are there any other parts of your house that can use a new coat of paint? In that case, it is always interesting to use the same painter for these. In this situation, the painter will propose a total price for all works that will always be cheaper than when an hourly rate is charged. To give you a good idea of the average costs that other painting activities will amount to, we’ve created an overview here.

Surface Average price (including labour costs, paint, materials and VAT) Depends on
Dormer 340-670 GBP Whether its just the side panel or the entire dormer, including window frames
Window frames 340-1300 GBP 7 m² excluding paint, up to all window frames of one home
Doors 220-1700 GBP 2 to 40 doors, possibly including door frames
Ceiling 200-1520 GBP 30 to 45 m², including entire kitchen (and kitchen cabinets)

Interesting savings tips

Why not choose a winter painter? Painting your staircase is not something that needs to happen during spring or summer, on the contrary. By using the services of a winter painter, you can not only make sure your staircase looks like new, you will also save a lot of money – up to 30 percent!. See also: cost winter painter.


Doing the preparatory work yourself. If you have chosen to have only your stairs painted, the painter in question will charge an hourly rate. This rate is charged for all work performed. In other words, not only for the actual painting of the staircase but also for cleaning, sanding if necessary, taping off the space, moving furniture and so on. However, you can do all these jobs yourself. As a result, the painter will need less time and you will pay less money!

Subsidies! For a while now, there has been a reduced VAT rate. Instead of 21%, you now pay 6% for the work of a painter For more information, visit the Tax Administration website.

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