Cost of a skylight

Cost of a skylight

Are you thinking about installing a skylight in your home? Would you like to get a good idea of the average cost involved? No problem! On this page you will find all price-related information about the purchase of a skylight.


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The price of a skylight is made up of several elements. These elements are discussed below:

The size of the skylight. Logically, a larger skylight costs more money.
The glass. Today, HR ++ glass is widely used, which costs more than HR +.
The terms the manufacturer proposes – whether the placement costs are included or not.
The type of skylight. There is a difference between the different types of skylights. This is usually because the fabrication of one type of skylight costs more time and thus money.


Standard skylight. If you are satisfied with a standard skylight with dimensions 114 by 118 centimeters, you can take into account a price of an average of 350 GBP. Please note that VAT and placement are not included in this price.
More comfortable option. Do you want to spend more money and buy a better skylight? In that case there are several additional extras that you can purchase. For a standard-sized skylight (ie 114 by 118 centimeters) with a revolving and expandable system as well as glass that has excellent insulation (HR +++), you can count on a price of 1100-1300 GBP.
Really luxurious finish. Many people who choose to place a skylight also want to enjoy an excellent interior finish. This can be done in for example wood or white polyurethane. In this case, you should take into account that wood may be cheaper and cozier, but it also requires more maintenance. Do you not really want to look after the interior finish? In that case, choosing polyurethane is undoubtedly the most interesting choice. For a proper interior finish, a cost of between 350 and 435 GBP can be taken into account.

Factors impacting the price of a skylight

The above will make it clear how much you will have to pay for the purchase of a skylight. To get a good idea of all the factor that affect the price, please see the below list:

Factor 1: Type of glass

Firstly there is the type of glass that you will put in your skylight. Your choice in this area is particularly important, not least because warm air tends to rise. In other words, it rises from the floor to the ceiling where it tries to find a way out. For this reason, it is always recommended to opt for highly insulating glass. It costs a bit more, but your energy bill will be significantly reduced. The following costs are based on an area of 1 square meter.

Type of glass Average price
Single glazing 30-46 GBP
Double glazing 65-105 GBP
HR++ glass 110-150P

Factor 2: System to open the window

A skylight can in principle be opened in two different ways. You can choose to use the standard, revolving version, but you can also choose an expandable version. The standard, revolving version is usually included in the price indicated. This does not apply to a skylight that has an expandable system. In this case, you should consider an additional cost of about 30 percent compared to the standard version. An additional cost of about 435 GBP is a good estimate.

Factor 3: Finishing of the interior

As previously mentioned on this page, the inside of the skylight can be finished in different ways and with various materials. The choice of wood is a cheap choice, but requires more maintenance. Choosing for polyurethane is a little more expensive, but it does not need maintenance. An additional price of between 390 and 435 GBP will be charged for this.

Factor 4: Operation of the skylight

However, the way the window is opened manually does not mean that you cannot connect an electrical system. Especially when the skylight is at a height or is generally difficult to reach, it is advisable to use an electric control. For such a service you can take into account a price tag of approximately 260 to 300 GBP.

Comparing offers

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