Cost of a glass conservatory

Cost of a glass conservatory

The glass conservatory is much more popular today than it has ever been in the past. This has to do with the fact that you can optimally enjoy a garden view in this way, even in bad weather. Are you also planning to buy a glass conservatory, but do you want to get a good idea of the associated costs and possibilities? Read on quickly and you will learn everythingTop of Form


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What does a glass conservatory cost?

Initially, it is particularly important to note that buying a glass conservatory requires a proper investment. In spite of this investment, it is true that it is a direct asset for the house. With a glass conservatory, you increase the value of your home. How much you should pay for a glass conservatory will immediately become clear from the table below.

Dimensions glass conservatory Average price
10 square meters 8300 GBP
15 square meters 12800 GBP
20 square meters 17500 GBP
30 square meters 22000 GBP


The above gives you a certain idea of how much a glass conservatory costs, but you may still not immediately know which of the different conservatories is the most interesting to you. For this reason, we have listed three concrete pricing examples for you.

  • Standard glass conservatory. Would you like to have an extra seating area, but do you want to prevent the investment from getting too great? In that case, choosing a standard glass conservatory of 10 square meters with standard double glass is an interesting choice. For such a glass window, the average price tag will be around 8300 GBP including not only the material but also the labor costs as well as the VAT.
  • Average glass conservatory. Do you want more than a standard 10 square meter glasshouse? In that case, it might be interesting to choose one of the designs of between 15 and 20 square meters equipped with HR ++ glass. In this way, you have two major advantages On the one hand, you can count on a conservatory with a larger area while on the other hand you also enjoy a higher insulation value. For a conservatory of between 15 and 20 square meters, count on a price of between 13000-16000 GBP.
  • Luxurious and large glass conservatory. Do you want to build a really large glass conservatory that also benefits the insulating factor of your home? In that case, you can choose to use a 30-square-meter conservatory, which is equipped with HR +++ glass. You should keep in mind that such a conservatory costs between 25000-30000 GBP on average. Using a luxurious 30-square-meter conservatory with HR +++ glass ensures that you have a lot of possibilities. So it’s no problem to put a sofa set as well as a dining table inside. In addition, you can enjoy the best possible view of your garden throughout the year.

Factors impacting the cost of a glass conservatory

Factor 1: The dimensions of the conservatory

The dimensions exert the greatest influence on the total price tag of a glass conservatory. As a starting point, you can count on about 870 GBP per square meter for a glass conservatory. From an area of 30 square meters, the price per square meter will decrease. This has to do with the fact that the fixed costs will not increase anymore. It is always possible to engage in a conversation with a conservatory specialist to determine which size of conservatory is best suited to your expectations and the property you have.

Factor 2: The type of glass

When you choose to invest in a glass conservatory, it is obvious that it consists mostly of glass. It is therefore no more than normal that the type of glass used will also have a significant impact on the overall price tag. For high-end glass, a cost of about 4 GBP per square meter applies. If you choose HR ++ glass, this cost rises to about 13-17.5 GBP per square meter. Do you only want to enjoy the best of the best? Then an investment in HR +++ glass with an average cost tag of between 48-52 GBP per square meter is recommended.

Factor 3: Additional materials

In spite of the fact that a glass conservatory obviously consists for the most part of glass, other materials are also used. In this respect, it is always important to note that the price of these materials can also have a significant impact on the total price tag. For example, for a plastic conservatory, you can count on an average cost of between 11000 and 12000 GBP. If wood is used, this price may be slightly higher, but the difference will be minimal. The most expensive is choosing aluminium, which means that the price tag soon goes up to 13000 GBP or more.