Cost of window placement by expert

Cost of window placement by expert

The placement of new windows isn’t easy. Therefore, it’s recommended to hire an expert to do this. We can advise you on the average price of such a placement!


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Window placement

When you decide to place new windows in your home, it’s a good idea to know what the costs will be. You can choose to place your windows yourself, but it is advisable to have this done by a professional. There is more to consider than you may think. A specialist has the expertise and tools that you may not have.

Fixed window Window area Price  incl. delivery, placement, VAT and insulation glass
PVC 1 m² 175-350 GBP
Wood 1 m² 260-520 GBP
Aluminium 1 m² 520-700 GBP

How does an expert approach this?

There are several steps to placing windows

  1. Measure the size of the window
  2. Cover the house
  3. Remove old windows
  4. Mount new windows
  5. Adjust windows
  6. Finish windows

1. Measure the size of the window

Before the specialists install the windows it is necessary to know the correct dimensions. Specialists measure your windows accurately, and the correct windows are ordered using this information. As soon as the windows are manufactured and ready for assembly, it is always possible to measure again for certainty. Are the dimensions accurate and will the window fit? Then the window is ready to be placed. Is not this the case? Then the window is adjusted.

2. Cover the house

When placing windows, your house may become dirty or possibly damaged if no precautions are taken. That’s why specialists always make sure your home is well covered. This allows the professionals to work in a way that doesn’t damage your home. Once the windows are mounted, all the material is removed so that you do not have to worry about this.

3. Remove old windows

Before the new windows are mounted, the old windows will be removed. This is done carefully by first removing the glass and then the window. Specialists have the right tools with which they can remove windows in no time.

4. Mount new windows

Installation is the most difficult part when installing new windows. This also depends on the window type. For example, fixed windows are easier to mount than tilt and turn windows. As soon as the window is placed, the expert will check if the window is level. Is this the case? Then the windows are mounted firmly so that they can’t shift anymore. Then the glass is added. Finally, all parts are attached so that the window is completely assembled.

5. Adjust the windows

After the windows are placed, the specialists will adjust the windows. Windows such as tilt and turn windows and hopper windows require the most attention. With these windows it is important that everything is well-adjusted and the window can open and close. The hinge points are examined at the bottom and / or the sides of the window. Does the window get stuck somewhere? Then the windows are adjusted by turning or loosening a screw.

6. Finish the windows

The final step when placing windows is the finish. The finish gives the windows the finishing touch. Any seams are sealed so that you do not suffer from draughts. The windows on the inside are finished so there is a nice transition between the windows and your wall. Wooden windows are painted when placed so that they fit nicely with the rest of your house.

Additional extras

After assembly, you have the option of improving your window with extras. Do you like to open your window during the night and want a good night’s sleep? Then it’s an option to mount a fly screen. Another option is blinds. This significantly increases the security of your home. This makes it almost impossible for burglars to enter your home. So leave your home without worries. In the overview below, we have listed these possibilities and the associated prices.

Product Area Price incl. VAT and excl. placement
Fly screen 1 m² 35-70 GBP
Blinds (manual) 1 m² 44-132 GBP
Blinds (electronic) 1 m² 220-300 GBP
Ventilation vent 1 m² 65-110 GBP

Get the best deal

To place new windows, you should look for the cheapest possible supplier. Because why pay too much? In order to help you, we have made sure that you can quickly and easily compare providers within your region. This way you save up to 40% on your purchase.