Cost of UPVC conservatory

Cost of UPVC conservatory

There are many good reasons why it may be interesting for anyone to expand his or her home with a plastic conservatory. Initially, such a conservatory ensures that the living area of a house is significantly increased. In addition, further insulation is provided for the house, and this conservatory offers you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful appearance of your garden all year long. Do you also want to invest in a plastic conservatory, but would you like to know more about the possibilities as well as the average costs? Don’t hesitate any longer, read on quickly and find out all about the costs.


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What does a plastic conservatory cost?

Choosing to buy a plastic conservatory for your home is to choose a sustainable investment that provides a direct value increase for your home. Moreover, a plastic conservatory looks good, but is also maintenance-friendly, has good insulation, and can be realized at a very interesting price. To give you a good idea of what a plastic conservatory costs, we’ve compiled a list of the following costs:

Dimensions plastic conservatory Average price
10 square meters 8500 GBP
15 square meters 13000 GBP
20 square meters 16500 GBP
30 square meters 22000 GBP


Factors impacting the cost of a plastic conservatory

The standard, average cost of a plastic conservatory should be clear now, but obviously there are more factors which can have direct, positive or negative impact on the total cost associated with buying a plastic conservatory. We have listed them here:

Factor 1: The dimensions of your plastic conservatory

The first choice you will have to make relates to the size of the plastic conservatory. This is also one of the most important choices that can greatly affect the price to be paid. For a plastic conservatory, an average price of around 870 GBP per square meter should be taken into account. Do you opt for a conservatory with dimensions larger than 30 square meters? Then the cost per square meter will decrease slightly.

Factor 2: The type of glass

The second choice is quite obvious. Because a conservatory consists mostly of glass, it is obvious that the type of glass can significantly impact the cost of your plastic conservatory. Therefore, a plastic conservatory is usually always double glazed. On the one hand, this glass has a good insulating effect, while on the other hand the price is still quite low. However, more and more people who consider it important that their conservatory is effectively insulated, making them more likely to choose high-efficiency glass. For HR ++ glass, a price tag of about 13 GBP per square meter will be paid, and the price for HR +++ glass will be 44 GBP per square meter.

Factor 3: The design of a plastic conservatory

One of the main advantages of a plastic conservatory is that it can be made in the most diverse styles. That’s new, because in the past, this type of conservatory was especially known for its monotonous appearance. Today, manufacturers create the most varied designs. Think about the beautiful wood pattern. This combines the warm appearance of wood with the practical benefits of plastic. Highly recommended!!

Factor 4: Potential extras

Choosing to build a plastic conservatory for your home is definitely worth it. In addition to the above three choices, however, there is another fourth factor which is also not unimportant. In fact, for a plastic conservatory there are several additional extras you can purchase. We’ve listed some of the most important extras for you:


Option Average price
Sun screen 174-200 GBP per square meter
Tiles 44 GBP per square meter
Laminate 7-9 GBP per square meter
AC 1200 GBP
Painting the conservatory 26 GBP per square meter
Central heating 830 GBP


Interesting savings tips

Have you been convinced to place a plastic conservatory in your home, but do you think that the average cost involved is still too high? In that case, the following savings tips may help you!

Volume discount

Maybe your neighbour would like a plastic conservatory too? Building two plastic conservatories in (more or less) the same location means that you can count on a very interesting volume discount. This discount is awarded because the builder gets to build two conservatories in the same place. This makes it possible to save significantly on the so-called front fee.

Maintenance costs

By choosing plastic instead of wood, you choose a very easy-to-use solution, which also keeps the maintenance costs down.