Differences of PVC/uPVC windows

Differences of PVC/uPVC windows

Are PVC windows suitable for your home? We compare the advantages with the downsides!


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PVC windows advantages

PVC windows are extremely popular, and there are many reasons. PVC windows have a number of advantages, and we’re here to tell you the most important ones:
– Price-quality ratio
– Lower energy bill
– Low maintenance
– Safe windows
– Recyclable
– Modern look

Price-quality ratio

A great advantage of PVC windows is the price-quality ratio. Compared to other materials, aluminium and wood, PVC windows are the cheapest choice. We’ve provided a brief overview of average prices, including VAT and insulation.

Fixed PVC window Price excl. placement Price incl. placement
1.000 x 1.000 mm 87-174 GBP 174-348 GBP
1.500 x 1.200 mm 130-220 GBP 260-435 GBP
2.000 x 1.500 mm 260-348 GBP 440-700 GBP

Looking at the possible types of windows, fixed windows are the cheapest option. Suppose you want the front and back of your home provided with 2 fixed PVC windows of 2,000 x 1,500 mm and a fixed kitchen window of 1,000 x 1,000 mm. The price will be between 1300-2200 GBP, including VAT, placement and insulation glass.

Lower energy bill

You will save money not only in the short term, but also in the long term. A very attractive advantage of PVC windows is the high insulation value. PVC windows always keep your house at the perfect temperature. The windows are soundproof and wind and water resistant. Thus, you do not suffer from weather changes outdoors. Thanks to this excellent insulation, you save up to 20% on your energy bill. Take advantage of this.

Low maintenance

The advantage of PVC is that it is water, dirt and dust resistant. PVC windows are very easy to clean and maintain. A damp cloth is often enough. PVC is a strong material that will not crack quickly, tear or warp. As a result, PVC windows have a long lifespan of up to 50 years and make good long-term windows.

Safe windows

You may not generally consider the safety of a window, but PVC windows will make you feel safe. Thanks to the strong material, the windows are burglary-proof, and unwanted visitors are kept at a distance. In addition, the fire resistance of PVC windows is high. PVC is very inflammable and is self-extinguishing. This gives you that extra safe feeling.


Are you environmentally aware and would you like to contribute to a viable environment? Then a big advantage of PVC windows is that they are recyclable. Old PVC is used again in the production of new PVC windows. This means the environment will be less affected, as PVC recycling requires less energy than the production of new PVC. Another reason to choose PVC windows!

Modern look

Do you value a modern look for your home? Then PVC windows are for you. PVC windows are available in many different colors, ensuring the final touch for your home. Where wooden windows have a warm, authentic look, PVC windows look contemporary with a very tight and modern look. It’s not for nothing that PVC windows became so popular.

PVC windows downsides

Aside from the many advantages, PVC windows have a few downsides. These do not tend to overshadow the advantages, however.
• Scratch easily
• Do not change colour easily

Scratch easily

Despite the sturdy material, the scratch sensitivity is one of the disadvantages of PVC windows. Scratches are easily visible on PVC windows, so it is important to handle your PVC windows carefully. When you want to clean your PVC windows, be careful not to work with rough, cloths or abrasive pads. Provide soft, damp cloths and keep your PVC windows in perfect condition.

Do not change colour easily

PVC windows are available in many different colors. One disadvantage, however, is that you can not change color easily after purchase. Where wooden windows are easy to paint, PVC windows are more difficult. It is thus a little harder to keep your PVC windows matching the interior of your home. Do you choose to paint your PVC windows? Then you run the chance to damage your windows and shorten the life span.

Alternative: aluminium windows

Are you looking for sturdy windows that are scratch resistant? Then aluminium windows are a good alternative. Aluminium windows cost slightly more than PVC and wooden windows but also have unique pros and cons. Aluminium windows are even firmer, more burglary-proof and are highly suitable for large surfaces. So take a look at your wishes and make the right choice.

Compare reliable offers

Now that you have compared the advantages and disadvantages of PVC windows, you know whether PVC windows are your ideal windows. To get even more information, you can request quotes from specialists in your area. In this way you can make sure you do not spend too much money. This will save you up to 40%!