Costs of windows

Costs of windows

Would you like to replace your existing windows with new ones? Are you looking for detailed information about the price you should keep in mind? In that case, we can help!

Costs of windows

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What do windows cost?

When you choose to place new windows, please note that the cost depends mainly on the materials. To give you a good idea of the price difference between the different materials, we have listed them in the table below. All prices shown include the glass, the placement, the disposal of old materials as well as the transport cost.

Type of window Average price (2,5 square meter) Advantage
Wood 1600-2500 GBP Strong and insulating, gives a warm atmosphere
Plastic 700-1100 GBP Lasts 50 years, little maintenance needed
Aluminium 2100-2700 GBP Does not rust or rot, gives a modern look

The above will only give you a limited picture of the average cost of windows. For this reason we have created some specific price examples to share with you:


You would like to buy and place two new windows, but you only have a limited budget? Would you also like to need as little maintenance as possible? In that case you can choose to use plastic windows. These windows have an impressive life span of an average of 50 years and are characterized by very limited maintenance costs. You can already place a plastic window for a price tag of between 700 and 1100 GBP.


In this situation, it is important that your house has beautiful, distinctive windows. In that case, wooden windows will undoubtedly meet all your expectations. These assure you of the best atmosphere and, as an added benefit, they are also characterized by excellent insulation. For the purchase of three wooden windows of 2 square meters, you should consider a price tag of about 1600 to 2500 GBP.

Least chance of problems

Do you have very little time and, for that reason, do you want to look after your windows as little as possible? In that case, choosing aluminium windows is the most interesting option. These windows are particularly durable, don’t rust, don’t rot and are dirt-repellent. A good cleaning a few times a year is enough to keep them clean. Do you want to place these windows in three locations of a square meter each? In that case you should count on a price of between 1800-2400 GBP.

Factors impacting the price of windows

Factor 1: The type of material

As previously mentioned, the material used has a significant influence on the price you have to pay. Of all materials, plastic is the cheapest, followed by wood. Aluminium windows may be the most expensive in terms of purchase, but they are very durable and very maintenance-friendly.

Factor 2: Which glass should I place in the windows?

The second choice you have to make relates to the glass that in the windows. You can choose to use standard double glass, but if you really want to save as much as possible on your energy bill, it may be more interesting to choose high-performance glass. We have listed the different prices of the various glasses for you.

Type of glass Insulation Average price
Standard double glass Decent 60-80 GBP
HR glass Satisfactory 60-90 GBP
HR++ glass Good 70-90 GBP
HR+++ glass Excellent 90-110 GBP

* The above prices are per square meter.

Factor 3: Potential extra options

Option Average price Advantage
Ventilation vents Small: 11 GBP

Large: 40 GBP

The indoor climate consists of dry air, which makes it warm up faster and also means less chance of mould
Layered glass 92-127 GBP Can prevent accidents and burglaries
Different colour 0-39 GBP For plastic in a different colour, no extra cost is charged. Painted wood does cost extra money.

 Interesting savings tips

  • Choose for strong insulating glass. Although optimum insulating glass is significantly more expensive than just double glass, it ensures that you can save a nice amount of money on a yearly basis, and not just once.
  • Regular cleaning of the windows. The windows in your house are likely to be overlooked very often when cleaning. That’s annoying, because dirt can easily manifest itself on the windows. As a consequence, sustainability is compromised, which means that you will have to invest sooner in new windows. Clean the windows at least once a month, preventing unpleasant, unexpected costs.