Costs prefab conservatory

Costs prefab conservatory

Do you intend to build a conservatory in your home, but do you not want the building works to drag on forever? In that case, we may have an interesting solution for you! For example, have you thought of placing a prefab conservatory? By using such a construction, you will immediately have a lot of extra space in your house, where you can have a nice garden view throughout the year. In addition, such a conservatory can be realized within one day, which also means that you should not take into account long-term renovations. Interested? Then read on quickly and discover everything about the cost of a prefab conservatory.


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What does a prefab conservatory cost?

A prefabricated conservatory can be built extremely quickly. In practice, the placement can be realized within one day. This is possible, compared to a custom conservatory, because all parts are prefabricated in the factory variant. To give you a first impression of the costs involved, we’ve listed some of them here:

Dimensions of the conservatory Average price
10 square meters 7000 GBP
15 square meters 11000 GBP
30 square meters 21000 GBP

The price from the table already indicate which price you should take into account for the purchase of a prefab conservatory, but there is of course more information out there. Based on the three price examples below, we would like to advise you which of the various available prefab serres can be of interest to you.

  • Standard prefab conservatory. You can have a standard conservatory placed by a professional from 7000 GBP onward. This price includes not only the material but also the labour costs as well as the VAT. In this case you have a prefabricated plastic conservatory of about 10 square meters. Such a prefabricated conservatory is often seen in semi-detached houses today.
  • Most common prefab conservatory. In the majority of cases, people choose to have a prefabricated conservatory built of plastic or wood covering an area of 15 square meters. This conservatory offers enough space to receive family and friends, for example, for a fun dinner. When you want to place a prefabricated conservatory with average dimensions, you should consider a cost of approximately 11000 GBP. Also, not only the material, but also the labour costs as well as the VAT are included.
  • Large prefab conservatory. Would you like to realize a completely new living space for your home? In that case you will need a large 30-square meter conservatory. This creates a lounge area or extends the living room significantly. If you want to buy a large aluminium prefabricated conservatory, an average price tag of around 21000 GBP must be taken into account.

Factors impacting the cost of a conservatory

Now that you have a good idea of the average cost associated with placing a prefab conservatory, it is important to look at any choices that can further affect the price of a prefab conservatory. We’ve listed a few of those choices here.

Factor 1: The dimensions of the prefab conservatory

The most important choice, which immediately affects the price of a prefabricated conservatory, is the size. You can count on an average cost of between 650-920 GBP per square meter of conservatory. If you want to be sure that you have the best conservatory for your home, it’s always interesting to consult a real conservatory specialist. He or she will be happy to assist you to discuss the various possibilities as well as the sizes.

Factor 2: The type of glass

Also important is the type of glass used in a conservatory. Most of a prefabricated conservatory will consist of this material. The choice of glass therefore plays an extremely important role in determining the total costs. By default, prefabricated conservatories are still supplied with double glass, but you can also opt for high-performance glass, for example. HR ++ glass, for example, costs about 13 GBP per square meter. For HR +++ glass, the cost is around 44 GBP per square meter, but the U value is only 0.5 to 0.9. This will save you a lot of money on the energy bill.

Factor 3: The material of the prefab conservatory

The third choice also has a significant influence on the cost of the prefab conservatory. What about the material it consists of? A prefabricated conservatory is often made out of plastic, but what about wood or aluminium? Each of these materials basically has its own specific advantages. For example, where plastic requires little maintenance, wood provides more ambience and aluminium has an exceptional quality. Do you want a prefab conservatory of good quality, which does not require much maintenance and is not expensive? Then choosing plastic is recommended. Would you like a larger conservatory with optimal quality and a contemporary look and do you have a greater budget? Then choosing aluminium may be the best choice for your situation!