Costs of conservatory

Costs of conservatory

Would you like to have a conservatory built? Do you have no idea what this will cost? No problem! We will list the most important costs associated with placing a conservatory.


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What does a conservatory cost?

When you want to build a conservatory, keep in mind that a large number of different things can have a direct impact on the price you have to pay. Do not just consider the place where the conservatory is built, but also the necessary insulation, extra extensions and so on. Initially, however, it is mainly the type of conservatory as well as the dimensions that will determine the price that will be charged. We have listed the most popular options for you:

Type of conservatory Price Information
Basic conservatory 6100-13000 GBP This is a standard conservatory without extras – it can be built from 650 GBP per square meter.
Basic conservatory of 2.5x3m. 13000-15000 GBP This conservatory has wooden windows and a door of therma-glass. The price includes the foundations.
Basic conservatory 3x6m. 18000-20000 GBP This conservatory has wooden windows and a door of therma-glass. The price includes the foundations.
Basic conservatory 3x6m. 19000-21000 GBP This conservatory has wooden, opening doors and also doors of therma-glass. The price includes the foundations.


Factors impacting the cost of a conservatory

The above should give you a good idea of the average costs charged for the building of a conservatory. However, different choices can still affect the price of your project, both in a positive and negative way. We will list some of these choices:

Factor 1: The location of your conservatory

It is very important to dwell on the site where the conservatory will be built. For example, is it built attached to the home or does it stand out from it? Always try to orient a conservatory to the south. In this way, you should never have to take into account high heating costs. Note that although a south-oriented conservatory takes much more heat from the sun, the application of insulation may still be necessary. Thus, during the summer months it stays relatively fresh while you do not have too much heat loss during winter.

Factor 2: The type of material

The second choice is also very important and relates to the material the conservatory consists of. If you choose to use wood, you can count on a great insulation value. Additionally, a wooden conservatory can also be reliably personalized. For example, applying a lick of paint is not a problem. A second option you have is to choose an aluminium conservatory. This material is virtually maintenance free, but has the disadvantage that it needs to be better insulated. In addition, you should also note that an aluminium conservatory is more expensive than a wooden conservatory.

Factor 3: Installing insulation or not?

In principle, insulation is not really necessary in a conservatory. Much depends on the exact function that the conservatory will have as well as where it is located. When determining whether or not it is necessary to insulate, any heat sources present must be taken into account. As stated above, it should also be borne in mind that an aluminium conservatory needs better insulation compared to a wooden one.

Interesting savings tips

Do you also want to place a beautiful, quality conservatory and save on the purchase price as well as the cost of maintenance? In that case, take into account the saving tips below!

A conservatory to the south

In determining the location of your conservatory, it’s a good idea to choose a south-facing location. In this way, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, which means that you will have to pay significantly less fuel costs.

Low to no maintenance costs with aluminium

A wooden conservatory can look nice and is easy to personalize, but it requires quite a lot of maintenance. That’s not the case when you choose an aluminium conservatory. This is virtually maintenance free, which means that after building it, no extra costs are required.

It helps to compare offers!

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