Costs of painting the ceiling

Costs of painting the ceiling

If you want to have your ceiling painted by a professional painter, but don’t have an idea of the costs, we can help you with this! We have listed below the different options, including prices!


Painter quotes? Compare and save money

Price of ceiling painting

On average, you’ll have to bear in mind that ceiling painting will cost 220-1520 GBP. A number of factors influence the price, such as:

  • The painter’s hourly rate
  • The area that needs to be painted
  • The number of layers
Price per m², incl. paint, materials and VAT Average price for the painting of your ceiling of approx. 30-70m²
10-15 GBP 220-1520 GBP

Which factors impact the price of ceiling painting?

Factor 1: The painter

The price for ceiling painting can vary from 10-15 GBP per m². This is relatively low because a ceiling tends to have a large surface and can be painted relatively easily.

Factor 2: Paint          

Ceiling painting uses latex paint. In older homes, the painter will need to use a primer and fixing agent. This is important because the ceilings have often been painted with whitewash. This means the latex cannot attach properly. The price of latex paint is 3-12 GBP/litre, and one litre will allow you to paint 6-10m².

Factor 3: Combining paint jobs

If you would like to get multiple parts of your house painted, it may be financially interesting to combine the different paint jobs.

Surface Price, incl. wage for labour, paint, materials and VAT Depends on
Stairs 300-650 GBP 1 time whitewashing, or also including sanding, cleaning and painting
Dormer 390-830 GBP Whether only the side panels must be painted or the sidebar or full dormer, window frames and window frames included.
Doors 260-1700 GBP 2-40 doors, including or excluding door frames
Window frames 420-1600 GBP From 7m² excl. paint to the painting of all outer frames of one house


Tips to save money:

Winter painter

If you want to save money while having your ceiling painted, it’s interesting to consult a winter painter, who works from November to March! Using a winter painter can mean a savings of up to 30 percent!

Carry out the preparatory work yourself.

No matter what paint job you need, certain preparatory tasks will need to be carried out. You can let the painter do this himself, but of course he will charge his hourly rate. You can thus save money by moving furniture out of the way, taping off corners and edges, etc. By doing this, the painter will be able to start painting sooner, which will save you money.

Lower VAT rate. A while ago, a VAT reduction was introduced for construction work. It has been stopped for many categories on 1 July 2015, but still exists for painting work. You will only pay 6% rather than 21% VAT for this.

Biggest savings: comparing offers

The best thing you can do to save money on a moving service is to compare different offers by different painters. Our website enables you to receive up to 6 price estimates from moving firms. In this way, you can compare the different offers and save up to 30%!