Costs of a painter

Costs of a painter

Should your home urgently get a new coat of paint? Would you rather not do it yourself, but instead call on the services of a professional painter? In that case, you should always take into account the average costs shown on this page.


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What does a painter cost?

If you want to get a good idea of the average cost charged by a painter, you should always take into account the difference between, for example, an inside and outside painter. Also remember that items such as the material and the paint may or may not already be included in the charged price.

Type of paint job Price per m², incl. paint, materials, VAT Price per hour, incl. paint, materials, VAT
Inside painter 23-28 GBP 28-35-GBP
Roller painting 11-15 GBP Not applicable
Spray painting 4-8 GBP Not applicable
Outside painter 28-34 GBP 37-40 GBP

Factor 1: Inside painter

Earlier on this page, you could read that an inside painter charges an average cost of 23 to 28 GBP per m² or between 28 and 35 GBP per hour. We have listed the most common prices of the five most painted surfaces in your house:

Surface Average price incl. labour costs, paint, materials, VAT Dependent on
Staircase 300-650 GBP 1 whitecoat to sanding, cleaning, painting
Dormer 350-780 GBP Side panel to complete dormer, including window frames
Window frames 390-1500 GBP 7 m² to all outer frames of a house
Doors 220-1600 GBP 2-40 doors, including door frames
Ceiling 150-1100 GBP 30-45 m² including entire kitchen and cabinets

Factor 2: Outside painter

The costs charged by an outside painter are slightly higher than those of an inside painter. This is because the outside painter is obliged to use a special paint. In addition, he also needs more material, like scaffolding. For an outside painter, you should take into account an average hourly wage of between 37 and 42 GBP. The price charged per m² is usually between 28 and 32 GBP.

Type of home Average prince incl. labour costs, paint, materials and VAT
Apartment 780-850 GBP
Terraced house 1200-1300 GBP
Semi-detached house 2300-2600 GBP
Detached house 5000-5300 GBP

Factor 3: Winter painter

Would you like to have painting work done, but would you like to save some money? In that case you can choose to use the services of a winter painter. This type of painter usually charges a discount of between 10 and 30 percent for performing paintwork during the winter. Others provide and a nice discount of between 22 and 42 GBP per man and per day. Contrary to what many people sometimes think, the quality of the painting is not necessarily different. You only need to take into account the fact that it is not possible to work on frost days and during precipitation.

Factor 4: Type of paint

The last choice you have to take into account is the type of paint used. We will list the various possibilities in this area, including the costs associated.

Type of paint Price per litre (incl. VAT) m² per litre Information
Primer 22-39 GBP 7-11 Base layer
Stain and varnish 22-43 GBP 9-15 Protective layer
Covering paint 13-39 GBP 2-15 Can be used inside and outside
Latex 3-12 GBP 2-9 For roller paint

Factor 5: Use subsidies

It’s a good idea to use subsidies For example, there is currently a subsidy available for painting your house. The reduced VAT rate  is still applicable after July 1, 2015. So make use of the subsidy while you can.

Savings tip: Compare

An important saving tip we can give you is to compare multiple quotes from local painters. Fortunately, you can easily do this via our website. Click the button below and leave your details. Receive up to 6 quotes in your mailbox and start comparing. This way you can save up to 30% on the cost of a painter.