Costs of painting walls

Costs of painting walls

Are you looking for an opportunity to provide your home with a (partial) new look? In this case, it may be interesting to think about painting one or more walls in your house. Would you like to outsource painting of one or more walls in your house to a professional painter, but would you like to get a good idea of the average costs that this professional will charge? We can help!


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What does it cost to paint walls?

At first sight, painting the walls in your home may not seem to be such a heavy job, but in practice, a lot of things are involved – think about the time it will take and the materials needed! A professional painter has all the necessary materials and also has excellent knowledge regarding the type of paint to be used, so you will be able to count on an excellent result, without spending extra money on materials. Are you convinced and will you outsource the painting of the walls in your home to a professional painter? In that case, you can take into account the average costs below:

Painting an inside wall

Work Average price
Wall of 15 m² 200-270 GBP
Wall of 30 m² 400-550 GBP
Wall of 60 square metres 800-1100 GBP

Painting an outside wall

Work Average price
Wall of 15 m² 230-340 GBP
Wall of 30 m² 380-650 GBP
Wall of 60 m² 910-1300 GBP

The costs of painting a wall

Painting a wall requires much more time than many people think. It is therefore not so strange 85 per cent of the price will go toward labour costs, and only 15 per cent to the materials. At first sight, this may not seem like a great thing, but actually it’s an advantage. The fact that labour costs take up such a large part of the price makes it very easy to achieve cost savings. This saving comes from performing an objective comparison. By means of such a comparison it is possible to save up to 40%!

Factors impacting the price of painting a wall

Different choices that you make as the owner of the house will ultimately determine the total price tag that will be charged for painting one or more walls. Of course, we’ve also taken a look at these choices:

Factor 1: The type of house

If only one wall is to be painted, the price is often immediately clear, but in the vast majority of cases different walls have to be painted. It is not rare that the painter chooses to charge an hourly rate. However, if a full house is to be painted, he can choose to charge a price per m². In principle, the latter is always the most interesting for you as a customer.


Type of paint job Average price
Painting walls of an apartment (40 square m) 910 GBP
Painting walls of terraced house (120 square m) 1300 GBP
Painting walls of semi-detached house (140 square m) 2600 GBP
Painting walls of detached house (220 square m) 5200 GBP

Factor 2: The type of paint used

A limited amount of attention is often given to the type of paint, but this is particularly important. However, when you outsource painting of walls to a professional painter, you will notice that he always has all the necessary knowledge in order to determine which of the different types of paints on the market is most suitable for your situation. We can give you a good idea of the average price of the various existing paint types on this page.

Type of paint Average price per litre
Latex for inside 4-10 GBP
Covering paint 22-39 GBP
Primer 26-48 GBP
Stain and varnish 26-56 GBP

Factor 3: Combining paint jobs

The third and last choice concerns the possibility of combining painting works. When you are doing decorative work on your house and want to paint the walls, there is a chance that you will also want to paint other parts of your house. What about the ceiling of your house? When the painter can perform more than one project at the same time, it always means that the price per project is reduced. In this way, the painting works will always be cheaper than if you had hired a separate painter for each job. than when you had assigned everything separately to a painter. In other words, do you want to paint not only certain walls, but also doors and windows, for example? Then combine these jobs and take advantage of the best price!