Costs of a winter painter

Costs of a winter painter

A new coat of paint can go a long way in making your house look new again – but it can also cost a lot of money! By using the services of a winter painter, however, you can make the whole process a lot cheaper. Winter painters work from November to March and generally use cheaper rates. Discover the advantages and costs here!


Winter painter quotes? Compare and save money

What does a winter painter cost?

More and more people choose to hire a winter painter for their home, since this can mean a reduction of 10-30% compared to a regular painter, without losing any quality!

Winter painter Price per m² incl. paint, materials and VAT. Price per hour incl. paint, materials and VAT.
Inside painting 17-27 GBP 20-30 GBP
Spraying work 4-8 GBP Not applicable
Roller work 7-13 GBP Not applicable
Outside painting 22-30 GBP 22-42 GBP


Factors impacting the cost of winter painting

  • Factor 1: Inside painting

To use an inside painter in winter, you’ll have to take into account a price of 17-27 GBP per m². The hourly rate will be from 20-30 GBP per m². These prices include paint, material, but also VAT.


Surface Average price incl. labour costs, paint, materials and VAT Depends on:
Stairs 170-520 GBP One-time white coat to sanding, cleaning and painting
Dormer 220-740 GBP Painting a side panel and sidebar to the full dormer, including the windows and frames.
Window frames 260-1300 GBP 7 m² to all outside frames of one house
Doors 170-1520 GBP 2 to 40 doors, incl. door frames
Ceiling 130-1100 GBP 30 to 45 m², incl. complete kitchen


Factor 2: Outside painter


Throughout the whole year, painting outside will cost more than painting inside, in part because outside painters need materials such as scaffolding. In addition, during the winter period, outside painters will need to use special paint for low temperatures. This special paint will ensure that your paintwork will always be of optimal quality, even in winter.

Hiring a winter painter for outside will cost 22-30 GBP/m². Hourly rates will be between 22 and 42 GBP. Paint, materials and VAT are included in this price. However, in case existing paint needs to be removed first, you must take into account a doubling of the rates below.

Type of home Average price incl. VAT
Apartment 650-830 GBP
Terraced house 800-1100 GBP
Semi-detached house 1700-2400 GBP
Detached house 3400-4800 GBP
  • Factor 3: Additional options

As a client, you have two options. You can choose to have the winter painter bring the paint himself, but you can also buy the paint yourself in a local store. We’ve listed some of the rates for different types of paint here, so you can have an idea of what you will have to spend.

Type of paint Price per litre (incl. VAT) m² per litre Details
Primer 17-42 GBP Between 7,5 & 11,5 Base layer
Stain and varnish 22-52 GBP Between 9,5 & 15,5 Protective layer
Covering paint 22-42 GBP Between 3,5 & 15,5 Paint for inside & outside
Latex 4-17 GBP Between 3,5 & 9,5 Paint for roller work

Attention – these rates only apply to inside painting! For outside paint jobs, the painter has to use a special paint for low temperatures, which will cost more.

Tips to save money for a winter painter

  • Government subsidies. To ensure painters have sufficient work even during winter, the government has decided to subsidise people willing to have paintwork done in summer. This subsidy can amount to up to 25 GBP per day and comes on top of the money you’re already saving!
  • Save up to 20% with a maintenance subscription.You can choose to buy a maintenance subscription from your winter painter, for example for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years. This means the painter will carry out a complete maintenance of the paintwork every 5 to 8 years.
  • Carry out the prep work yourself. By carrying out some of the prep work yourself, you can make sure the painter needs less time and thus save money. This is especially the case in terms of inside painting and involves sanding, cleaning, repairing the surface, etc.

Compare offers

The best savings tip anyone can give you is to compare offers. You can do this by requesting offers yourself, or you can do it more easily via our website, which allows you to compare offers from 6 local painting firms.This way, you can save up to 30% to hire a winter painter!