Costs of dormer painting

Costs of dormer painting

Are you planning to have the dormer of your home painted, but do you not have any idea about the costs and options? We can help!


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Costs of dormer painting

If your house has a dormer, you have to take into account that the painting will need to be renewed approximately once every five years. This makes sure the dormer keeps looking brand new and makes it last longer, too. These are the average costs involved:

Hourly rate incl. paint, materials and VAT Average total price
39-48 GBP/hour 390-780 GBP


Factors which impact the price

We have listed here a few of the choices you will have to make that will impact the price of the paint job.

Factor 1: The painter

If you hire outdoor painters to paint your dormer, you’ll have to count on an hourly rate – this is an involved paint job, since all details are important! This hourly rate will usually fall between 26 and 39 GBP/hour. It is important to check if the rental cost of the scaffolding is included, otherwise this will be charged extra!

Factor 2: Paint

In most cases, the painter himself will provide the paint, but you can also choose to buy your own paint. In this case, it is important to remember that many dormers are already painted with a base layer. This means they will just need a covering layer. At the same time, if your dormer is made of aluminium or plastic, you will need a base layer so the paint will adhere properly!

Type of paint Price per litre, incl. VAT m² per litre Details
Primer 22-39 GBP 7-13 Base layer
Stain and varnish 22-52 GBP 9-15 Protective layer
Covering paint 22-48 GBP 4-9 Paint for use inside and outside


Factor 3: Combining paint jobs

If you would like to get multiple parts of your house painted, it may be financially interesting to combine the different paint jobs. In this case, the painter may provide a total price, which will be to your advantage. The table below will give you a good idea of the prices usually charged for outdoor painting. Of course, these are averages which can differ from your final price, since the complexity of the paint job can also impact the price.

Type of home Average cost of outdoor painting based on wage for labour, paint, materials and VAT
Apartment 830 -910 GBP
Terraced house 1200 – 1400 GBP
Semi-detached house 2500 – 2700 GBP
Detached house 5200 GBP and more

Interesting tips to save money:

Winter painter

Having a dormer painted can be very expensive, particularly when some areas are hard to reach. This can mean the work takes longer and thus costs more. Between November and March, you can choose to use a so-called winter painter. Painting your dormer can easily happen in winter, too, unless it’s raining or snowing (in case the outer frames need to be painted). This can mean a savings of up to 30 percent!

Carry out the preparatory work yourself.

You can make the painter’s work a lot easier (and thus cheaper) by choosing to clean and sand your own window frames. You can also fix potential imperfections and tape off the edges. The painter will then require less time for this job, which will benefit your final bill!

Subscribing to a maintenance service

Painting a dormer is something you’ll want to leave to professionals. If you want to limit the costs, it’s a good idea to subscribe to a maintenance service – you can often do this for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years. This means a painter will check the paint work every year and will carry out a big maintenance every five years. This will save you about 20%.

Biggest savings: comparing offers

The best thing you can do to save money on a moving service is to compare different offers by different painters. Our website enables you to receive up to 6 price estimates from moving firms. In this way, you can compare the different offers and save up to 30%!