Cost of senior move

Cost of senior move

You probably already know that moving can be a very stressful event for seniors. Nonetheless, you can prevent much of this stress by using a firm that specialises in moving older people – in this way, everything is done for you! We gladly provide an overview of the costs you must take into account.


Mover quotes? Compare and save money

How much does a senior move cost?

Obviously, a senior move isn’t like an ordinary move – it can be emotionally more difficult, and requires special attention. For this reason, senior moving firms offer extra services, including a cleaning service for the previous home and the setting up of the furniture in the new home. At the same time, since seniors tend to move into smaller homes, it is usually sufficient to use a moving van of 20m³.

In order to give you an idea of the potential costs, we have created a few examples for you:

Option Work needed Costs
As cheaply as possible 2 movers + 20m³ moving van 350-650 GBP
Extra help 2 movers + 20m³ moving van 650-800 GBP
Large home 3 movers + 50m³ moving van 900-1.150 GBP


Building the price of a senior move

The price for a senior move consists of three parts: the transport (50% of the price), and loading and unloading (each 25% of the price).

Factors influencing the price of a senior move

Factor 1: The type of moving van

If you have a small home, a small moving van (20m³) with driver tends to be enough; a larger home will require a larger moving van. The price for a small van can amount to 50 GBP/hour, the price for a larger van will be about 60 GBP/hour.

Factor 2: Extra movers

In some cases, it can be handy to use extra movers, to help you to take apart certain items of furniture and to wrap the furniture. This will ensure that loading and unloading goes much faster and more efficiently – which in turn can actually mean the moving costs end up being less, not more!

Factor 3: Transport

Another important factor is the cost of transport, which depends on the original location of the moving van. For this reason, it is a good idea to try a local moving firm.

Factor 4: Additional options

There are also additional options which can ensure your move goes more smoothly. These include a handyman service (at approximately 30 GBP/hour) or piano transport (210-260 GBP/hour).

Factor 5: Licensed movers

You can also choose reliable movers, connected to ErkendeVerhuizers. This is a nationwide mark of quality which guarantees insurance of goods, montage of furniture, and wrapping of goods. You can thus move without worries!

Tips to save money:

Are you also planning to use the services of a firm specialised in senior moving? In that case, the savings tips below can ensure you definitely don’t pay a single pound too much.

Moving on weekdays: Can you choose to move during the week? This can enable you to save a decent amount of money. Moving firms tend to charge a 20% surcharge for Saturday moves and often as much as 75% for a Sunday move.

Don’t move redundant items: A senior move is the ideal moment to get rid of many things which are no longer needed or which may be too old to be used. Selling these things or simply throwing them away means the amount of things to be moved can be limited, as well as the size of the moving van and the time needed for loading and unloading.

Partly manage the move yourself: Do you occasionally visit your future home? In that case, it might be interesting to move a few items yourself. In this way, you ensure the movers save a lot of time, which also makes the final bill much cheaper.

Biggest saving tip: comparing offers

The best thing you can do to save money on a senior move is to compare different offers by different moving firms. Obviously moving yourself is cheaper than paying someone else to do it, but the difference does not have to be so big. Our website enables you to receive up to 6 price estimates from local moving firms. In this way, you can compare the different offers and save up to 30%!