Cost of moving

Cost of moving

Have you recently acquired a new home? In that case, you’ll want to move as soon as possible! Moving can, however, be a complicated process. Not only will you need to end the rental of your current abode – or to sell it! – but you will also have to take into account the necessary insurance, the provision of gas, water, and electricity, and so on. Many people also forget to alert the necessary people and companies of their change of address.


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Two-part process

Generally, moving home can be considered a two-part process. On the one hand, one needs to leave the previous home, while at the same time, one needs to take possession of the new home. You can choose to personally manage the entire move, or you can (partially) use a professional moving firm for this purpose. Your choice in this regard will be the primary factor in terms of calculating the cost of your move.


What will the exact cost be?

The cost of a self-managed move

If you want to manage the move yourself, you can choose to rent a van and drive it yourself. On average, such a van rental costs between £50.00 and £110.00 per day. Additionally, you will have to consider the cost of petrol and the price of, for example, a hand truck and moving boxes. You can also consider renting a moving container and loading it with your possessions. You will then use a moving firm, which will deposit the container at your new address. The costs for such a container, including the costs of transport, can add up to approximately £250.00 per week.

What does it cost to outsource the move?

If you don’t want to manage the move yourself, and if you want to be sure the move is carried out professionally and with the utmost care, you can choose to use the services of Licensed Movers. Moving firms affiliated with this organisation are required to follow a number of strict rules, for example concerning the training required for professional movers. The organisation regularly ascertains that the affiliated firms follow these rules.

The moving costs are primarily dependent on the amount of furniture to move, but also the number of required movers and the distance. We have set out a number of situations in order to give you an idea of the costs involved in your move.

Option Number of movers Moving services Cost
As cheaply as possible 1 mover None Between £300 and £550.
Extra help 2 movers Packer Between £650 and £850.
Large home 4 movers Packer + handyman Between £1150 and £1500.

* These prices are based on furniture and a moving van of 50 m³.

As cheaply as possible: If you would like to move as cheaply as possible and are able to count on the help of friends and family, you will not require extra movers. The moving firm will thus only need to transport the furniture from your old to your new home.

Extra help: This option ensures your furniture is packed correctly and transported securely, thanks to the extensive experience of the moving firm.

Large home: If your furniture exceeds 50 m³, your moving firm will either need to use additional moving vans or make additional trips. If you choose to hire a specialised packer to pack your furniture and use the services of a handyman, you will have to take into account a price tag between £1150 and £1500.

Which factors determine the cost of the move?

The exact price charged for the move will be calculated based on four factors, which are:

Factor 1: The moving van

The amount of furniture to be moved will be the most important factor in determining the final price tag of the move. A larger quantity of furniture may necessitate a larger moving van, additional movers, and so on.

Factor 2: Additional movers

Naturally, during a move, you will always have the possibility to hire additional movers, which can ensure an easier and more cost-efficient move.

Factor 3: Mileage fee

The third factor is equally important. A moving firm will always charge a mileage fee, which is calculated from the original location of the moving van. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose a local firm.

Factor 4: Extra options

Moving firms may also offer extra options, such as a handyman or the provision of storage space, for a more efficient moving process.

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