Cost of living room painting

Cost of living room painting

The living room is an important room in the home, since we all spend a lot of time there, and we also use it to receive guests. If your living room was painted a long time ago, you may want a new colour. This can also brighten up the atmosphere in your living room! If you’d like to have your living room painted but you would like to use a professional painter for this, we can help you get an idea of the costs.


Painter quotes? Compare and save money

How much does it cost to paint a living room?

If you want to enjoy an optimal atmosphere in your living room, it’s a good idea to have it regularly repainted. This can be a good idea for your walls, but also your radiators, wooden beams, and so on. To give you a first idea of the costs, we’ve created the below table.

Type of work Average price
Painting ceiling in living room (30-70 m²s) 260-1400 GBP
Painting wall in living room (15 m²s) 200-270 GBP
Painting doors in living room 240-1000 GBP
Painting stairs in living room 230-520 GBP
Painting window frames in living room 350-1800 GBP

The price of living room painting

In terms of the price construction for painting a living room, 85% will be spent for labour, whereas 15% will be spent on the materials used. This involves brushes, but also paint. Because the labour costs are quite high, you will easily be able to save some money by comparing different offers objectively.

Factors impacting the price of painting a living room

The price charged for painting a living room will depend on a number of factors, some of which we have listed here.

Factor 1: Painting the living room with latex paint

We differentiate between two different ways in which a living room can be painted. First of all, you can do so using a brush and roller. Secondly, you can have it painted. Both options can provide a beautiful end result, so your personal preference will decide which way you use. In most cases, a living room will be painted using latex paint, which is not only cheap, but also available in a great variety of colours. Often people who want to have their living room choose to leave the purchasing of the paint to the painter. This also applies to taping off the walls. This seems very simple, but it needs to happen in a very structured way. If not, streaks may appear on the wall, and of course, that is not the intention.

Factor 2: Spray-painting the living room

As already indicated, it is also possible to spray the living room. In this way, a smoother and evener end result is obtained. Whether you choose to paint or spray the living room, in both cases, it is recommended that you use the services of a professional painter in order to achieve the best possible end result.

Factor 3: The type of paint used

The third factor relates to the type of paint used. In this respect we distinguish different types. Ordinary latex paint for indoors is available at a cost of between 5 and 10 GBP. For alkyd paint a cost price of between 18 and 35 GBP is charged. With primer, you pay a price of between 23 and 42 GBP. If you have any doubts about which paint to use, it is always interesting to consult with a painter. He can tell you exactly what paint is recommended for your situation.

Interesting savings tips

Reduced VAT rate of 6 percent. Firstly, there is the fact that a tax rate of 6 instead of 21 percent can be charged for painting your property. The only condition is that the house in question is older than 2 years and that the painting works are performed by a professional painter.

Save up to 30 percent with a winter painter. Many people are looking for a way to save on the cost of their painting jobs, but without sacrificing comfort. By calling on a winter painter, savings of over 30 percent can be made, while you still enjoy optimal quality for your painting work.

Do the preparatory work yourself. A not insignificant part of the cost charged by a painter relates to the preparatory work. This involves moving furniture, masking, for example, the floor and the several edges that are found in your home and so on. By performing these preparatory works, it becomes possible to save a very nice amount on your final invoice. Of course, this will cost you some time.