Cost of an outside painter

Cost of an outside painter

It is perfectly possible that after a certain time, the outside painting of your home has been affected by wear and tear. In that case, you will need to revive it. If you aren’t planning to do the painting yourself, but want to use a proper outside painter, it might be useful to get an idea about the actual costs charged by an outside painter!

Cost of an outside painter

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How much does an outside painter cost?

The costs charged by an outside painter can be calculated in two ways: either a price charged per hour, or per m². In terms of small projects, it is also possible the painter will just charge a price for the entire job. The costs charged depend on the type of paint job. We have listed some options and their prices below for you.

Costs outside painter wood

Price by Average price
25-43 GBP/m²
Hour 35-47 GBP/hour

Cost outside painter wall

Price by Average price
17-26 GBP/m²
Hour 30-43 GBP/hour

Cost outside painter other

Price by Average price
35-40 GBP/m²
Hour 40-47 GBP/hour

Usually, for smaller projects, the painter will charge a price per m². For very small projects, he will just estimate the total price. If it’s a really large project, the painter will choose an hourly rate. We have listed here some estimates for particular paint jobs.

Type of paint job Average price
Painting front door 108 GBP
Painting back door 60 GBP
Painting window frame 25 GBP
Painting apartment 950-1800 GBP
Painting terraced house 1380-2675 GBP
Painting semi-detached house 2675-5090 GBP
Painting detached house 5250-1045 GBP

Factors impacting the price of outside painting

The average price charged by an outside painter can be impacted by many factors; we have listed a few of them here.

Factor 1: Materials

In case of outside painting, the costs will always depend on the materials used. If the painter is carrying out painting work on the fifth floor of a building, it’s always interesting to have scaffolding available. If you use an outside painter specialising in small jobs, he may not have sufficient materials. You need to choose the right painter for the job!

Factor 2: Type of paint

An outside painter can use different types of paint. Some types of paint can handle the impact of weather better than others. Generally, outsider painters will use Alkyd-paint. This is a type of oil-based paint which guarantees a good cover. We’ve listed a few types of paint and their prices.

Type of paint Average price
Covering paint 13-39 GBP
Latex for outside use 11-18 GBP
Alkyd paint 18-35 GBP
Undercoat 22-44 GBP
Stain and varnish 22-52 GBP
Acrylic paint 27-43 GBP

Factor 3: Combining paint jobs

It’s possible to have every outside part of your home painted by an outside painter. If more than one part needs to be painted, it’s better to combine these jobs, since you will be able to have the work done cheaper in this way!

Tips to save money

If you want to hire an outside painter for one or more jobs, these tips may be useful!

  • Good maintenance prevents high costs. If you want to make sure the costs of the outside painting job remain as low as possible, it is interesting to maintain the paintwork from time to time. It will not show signs of wear and tear as quickly and high costs will be avoided.
  • Carry out the preparatory work yourself. If you want to save more money, it’s always a good idea to carry out the prep work yourself. This includes cleaning the surface, but also sanding and taping off. In this way, you may be able to save up to 26 GBP off the bill of your painter.

Comparing offers

Though the price of an outside painter will always be similar, little differences will still exist.  You have to take into account that more experienced outsider painters will cost more money, for example. You get what you pay for!