Cost of a business move

Cost of a business move

If your business has grown so much over the past few years that it can no longer operate in the current building, you may be thinking about a move to a different location. Such a move costs a lot of time and effort, and because of this, you may want to consult a business moving firm. We can help you figure out which costs to take into account!


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How much does a business move cost?

Obviously, a business move will be an involved process, and because of this, most businesses choose a professional moving service. The quality mark Professional Project Movers ensures that you can always count on an excellent expertise. The price for such a business move will normally be approximately 17 GBP per m³ furniture. We have created the following example, which will give you a detailed idea of the costs involved:Bottom of Form

Activities Work required
– 50 work stations

– 10 moving boxes (p. p.)

– Meeting room and kitchen incl.

– 3 large moving vans

– 2 moving lifts

– 8 movers

– 1 entire working day

Entire scale of the move:

300 m³

Entire cost of the move:

4950-5150 GBP.

Why choose a Professional Project Mover?

There are a number of advantages to choosing to use the services of a Professional Project Mover, since movers connected to this organisation must abide by a number of strict rules in terms of safety, integrity, quality, professionalism, etc. Because of this, you can always count on the following advantages:

  • You will receive professional advice and assistance throughout the move
  • You will enjoy the absolute top quality of unique experience and excellent integrity
  • Any move is possible, regardless of the size of your firm
  • You will only experience a minimal delay of the business processes
  • The quality brand PVV will ensure an objective, controlled certainty
  • You will be offered a wide range of services

Which factors impact the cost of a professional move?

Factor 1: Amount of furniture

The most important thing in terms of the costs of a business move is the amount of furniture involved. Moving ten work stations will be much cheaper than moving 30 or 40 work stations! This last scenario will require not just more moving vans, but also more movers.

Factor 2: Additional movers

If you want to move as efficiently as possible, it might be worth hiring one or more additional movers. This does not have to mean the total cost of the move goes up – an additional mover also means more efficient work, which means the costs can be reduced!

Type Cost
Professional mover 20-25 GBP/hour
Optional moving coordinator 47-50 GBP/hour
  • Factor 3: Transport costs

When you use a moving firm, you must count on the transport costs, and this is also the case for a business move.  Often, a local moving firm will not charge for the first 20km, and nationwide firms may not charge for the first 50 to 100km. Generally, the price will be between 0.30 and 1.00 GBP per kilometre.

Factor 4: Additional options

There are also additional options which can ensure your business move goes more smoothly. These include a handyman service (at approximately 30 GBP/hour) or a specialised archive mover (20-25 GBP/hour).

Interesting tips to save money:

  • Ideally, move on a weekday. We realise this may not be so simple for a business, but it can enable you to save a decent amount of money. Moving firms tend to charge a 20% surcharge for Saturday moves and often as much as 50% for a Sunday move.
  • Partially carry out the move yourself! As owner of the firm, you will likely visit the new location a number of times. During these visits, you may be able to move a number of items yourself, and particularly if your firm owns a number of large vans, you can move some smaller items of furniture or computers yourself. This will save time and thus money!
  • Don’t move redundant items: A move is the ideal moment to get rid of many things which are no longer needed or which may be too old to be used, such as old computers or paper you no longer use. In this way, less items will need to be moved, which will save money!

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