Cost of certified movers

Cost of certified movers

You have chosen to buy a new home? In that case, you will want to move your furniture from the old home to the new! For this purpose, you can contact Certified Movers! Firms connected to this organisation are required to obey certain rules, which means they are able to provide you with a carefree and satisfactory moving experience!


Mover quotes? Compare and save money

What is a Certified Mover?

Certified movers are specialised movers which have to take into account particular rules connected to the environment, but also the safety and quality of the services. The organisation ensures its members follow these rules, so you can move without any problems!

Advantages of Certified Movers

When you choose to use a Certified Mover, you can count on numerous advantages, including:

  • Properly trained and educated staff
  • Excellent insurance and warranty
  • Excellent terms and conditions

Which factors impact the costs of a Certified Mover?

Factor 1: Moving van

The type of furniture and the size will impact the price you need to take into account for your move. The move of the furniture from a large home will always cost more than that of the furniture in a small apartment. The price difference between a large 50m³ moving van and a smaller 20m³ one will be approximately 8-11 GBP.

Type of home Moving van Hourly price
Two or three room apartment 20m³ + mover 55-60 GBP/hour
Detached house 50m³ + mover 60-65 GBP/hour

Factor 2: Additional movers

If you have a lot of furniture you want to move as fast as possible to your new home, it might be worth hiring one or more additional movers. This does not have to mean the total cost of the move goes up – an additional mover also means more efficient work, which means the costs can be reduced! You need to take into account the fact that an extra mover can cost 25-30 GBP/hour.

Factor 3: Transport type

Because a moving firm will start to count its mileage from the vehicle’s location, it is important to contact a firm in your area. Often, a local moving firm will not charge for the first 20km, and nationwide firms may not charge for the first 50 to 100km. Generally, the price will be between 0.30 and 1.00 GBP per kilometre.

Factor 4: Extra services

These first three choices are the most important ones, since everyone who moves will need tot hink about them. Nonetheless, there are many other, extra moving services. These include a handyman service (at approximately 38 GBP/hour) or piano transport (190-235 GBP/hour).

Interesting tips to save money

Are you convinced of the advantages of Certified Movers? Here’s a few tips in order to save some extra money!

Moving on weekdays: Can you choose to move during the week? This can enable you to save a decent amount of money. Most certified moving firms tend to have a weekend surcharge of 30 or even 70 percent! It’s best to take some days off work for a move!

Partly manage the move yourself: You can, of course, choose to carry out a part of the move yourself. Large, heavy furniture is difficult, but small items in normal boxes are a lot more manageable. If you don’t want to drive to and fro, that’s no problem – you can simply line up your boxes by the door, so they just have to be loaded. This will save time and thus money!

Don’t move redundant items: A move is the ideal moment to get rid of many things which are no longer needed or which may be too old to be used. Selling these things or simply throwing them away means the amount of things to be moved can be limited, as well as the size of the moving van and the time needed for loading and unloading. You will see this in your moving bill!

Biggest saving tip: comparing offers

The best thing you can do to save money on a moving service is to compare different offers by different moving firms. Obviously moving yourself is cheaper than paying someone else to do it, but the difference does not have to be so big. Our website enables you to receive up to 6 price estimates from local moving firms. In this way, you can compare the different offers and save up to 30%!